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Door Stickers

Southampton City Council (SCC) Licensing Department are holding a public meeting on Wednesday 14th June 2023 with regards to the contentious issue of Door Stickers on Southampton licensed vehicles.

The general public who use SCC licensed private hire vehicles need to know that the vehicle they are getting into, particularly at night, is the vehicle they booked with, showing clearly the name of the company and the license plate number identifiable on the vehicle.

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Did you know....

Our association was set up in 2001 to help to promote Southampton Hackney Taxi drivers in our City?

We are interested in promoting the Hackney Carriage trade and in growing our membership.  

All of our members are self employed drivers of white taxis, who are licensed and regulated by Southampton City Council.

Regular consultations are held with Southampton City Council licensing department and licensing councillors including other organisations for the benefit of the group and our historic City.

We are looking forward to working with the Southampton Boat Show organisers https://www.southamptonboatshow.com

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DBS Problems

Southampton Hackney Private Hire Association are aware that the DBS is having problems at the moment which they are trying to rectify.  Click on this link taken from Southampton City Council's Licensing Notice board to learn more:




Has Southampton City Council's licensing department instigated the best system for renewing a drivers badge online?  Click on this link posted by Southampton City Council's Licensing on their Notice board to learn more:



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Licensing Fees Increase?

There is an enquiry under review regarding an increase in licensing fees for Southampton taxi and private hire drivers.

Watch this space...

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Open all Hours!

No Christmas and New Year holiday time off for us!


Bookings already taken, few spaces remain, worth getting in touch!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you All!



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Fit & Proper Policy

Are you aware that all Taxi and Private Hire Drivers have to conform to being a Fit and Proper Person to be licensed by Southampton City Council?



You can read the full policy here

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