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PH & Taxi Monthly Exhibition

Next week Tuesday 31st May and Wednesday 1st June 2022 is the fantastic Private Hire and Taxi Monthly Exhibition at Milton Keynes.

I will be attending and representing our association along with trade colleagues. Our industry, like many others, is facing insurmountable problems on shortage of drivers, new government requirements, and a host of difficult issues that need to be overcome to sustain our industry.

You will see at the Expo the varied stands of exhibitors offering information and products that will assist us in various ways.

Thanks to Liza Lipson, the PHTM Expo organiser and other individuals, Dave Lawrie NPHTA director (National Private Hire Taxi Association), Des Broster NALEO/Veezu, Lee Ward and Mark Jennings, trade representatives and many, many others who will be present at this exhibition.

You can download the Exhibition brochure here.

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Stay Safe After Dark

As this BBC Article explains, Police in Southampton have said tackling violence against women and girls is now their top priority.


Always use Southampton City Council (SCC) licensed white hackney carriages or pre-book a SCC fully licensed private hire vehicle.

You could also take a picture of the licence plate number as reassurance so you know who is taking you to your next destination or safely back home.

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Safeguarding & Road Safety Act 2022

The Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles (Safeguarding and Road Safety) Act 2022 received Royal assent on the 31st March 2022.



One of the main points of this act is it will improve the safety of taxi passengers and resolve where licensing authorities in one area might revoke the licence of a driver for some wrongdoing, but the driver could obtain a licence in another area.


View in full here:



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New Bill is Welcome News

The LGA (Local Government Association) welcomes a new Bill which would make it mandatory for licensing authorities to access vital background information about drivers seeking a licence in their areas. This will support the work of councils to ensure anyone using a taxi or private hire vehicle (PHV) is kept safe.

This bill has had a second reading in the House of Lords.  However, it has not been finalised as yet.

Read more here.

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At long last due to the problem of not being able to have a medical carried out by your own doctor, licensing have approved the providers as shown. The SHPHA can comment on D4Drivers the company our association approved and after having discussions with their sales director, myself as chairman of the SHPHA had a medical last year for a price of £55 including VAT, but choose yourself as SCC licensing has recommended.

See below email from Southampton City Council Licensing Department.

Back in September 2021 at a Licensing Committee Hearing we changed the medical policy to allow approved medical practitioners to undertake medicals without referral as well as the drivers own General Practitioner. You will be pleased to know we have completed the procurement process we were obliged to undertake and have three approved medical practitioners.

Drivers will now be able to choose if they wish to have their medical undertaken at their own surgery as before or by using one of the approved providers. Drivers should note that the providers will insist that drivers bring their medical summary along to their appointment. This is obtainable free of charge from their GP surgeries.

The approved list is below:

Approved Medical Providers

D4Drivers (Rymans Ltd)


0300 3030 668

Townhill Surgery*


023 8047 2232

Regency Medical - Portsmouth (Medique Limited)


0203 734 3629

*Town Hill Surgery is proposing to undergo a rebranding and the name may change in the near future.

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Taxi Fuel Costs

Here's an interesting read about how maths shows BIG SAVINGS remain between EV and diesel cabs despsite energy increases.

Read the full article here

Well Done TaxiPoint from us!

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Love is in the air!

It's nearly Valentine's Day! Perhaps a very special person would like to go out?


For all you romantic's who are planning to propose(?)  Remember to look at our website!





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