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Uber vs Sefton Update

We last provided an update in August as the Uber vs Sefton judgement came through. Armed with the new verdict, UTAG wrote to TfL with our grievances, once again pointing out that TfL has failed in its duty to protect the travelling public and its Licensees (legitimate Taxi drivers).   

UTAG, with your ongoing support is intent on forcing TfL to regulate properly, otherwise, London will continue to be flooded with vehicles, stealing work, who have no right to work here. 

It had also come to light that Data Cars have a ‘ghost office’ (an unmanned office) in Wolverhampton where drivers from all over the county, including London, are registering to circumvent the TfL topographical and English language tests. We believe that Data Cars are unfit to be a London Operator, as they are very deliberately undermining the regulatory regime.

This outrageous behaviour was brought to TfL’s attention yet again in August 2023. You will recall we first wrote to TfL in August 2019 on this matter and now in the absence of any reply we raised again with TfL on 17 October 2023.   The letters are available below:



If TfL fail to act yet again, then they continue to undermine the whole regulatory regime. UTAG believe it is impossible for TfL to maintain their position on public safety, whilst allowing their own Operators to make a mockery of the licensing regime.

Utag put TfL on Notice of our intention to bring Part 8 Proceedings if they don't act.  Public safety is the primary consideration of any licensing authority; it is of paramount importance that TfL do not allow mini cab drivers held to extremely low operating standards to flood the streets of London.

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