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UTAG Lose Uber High Court Challenge

On Tuesday, the United Trade Action Group (UTAG) lost their legal challenge that proposed Uber's London operating licence, a 15 month probationary permit that was given in June, was granted by a biased judge.

The temporary license was granted by Chief Magistrate, Emma Arbuthnot, who stepped down from Uber-related cases in August when it was discovered that her husband was an advisor to an investment company who had shares in Uber.

Lawyers acknowleged she was not aware of the link but claimed she should have 'checked for any potential conflicts of interest.'

The claims were rejected in the High Court with Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett commenting the connections suggested by them fell 'well short of evidence.'

We are disappointed that the United Trade Action Group (UTAG) lost this case. This was going to be a difficult fight to challenge the establishment in the High Court. The London taxi trade is still the number one taxi service in the world, we can only offer words of support to UTAG from our association.

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