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Commercial Vehicles could face £100 Charge to enter Southampton

Southampton City Council are proposing a charge of up to £100 for commercial vehicles  when entering the city in a bid to reduce pollution. Southampton are currently under pressure to improve air quality as soon as possible in order to avoid a large EU fine. The city must reduce its nitrogen dioxide level from 42 micrograms per cubic air meter to below 40 by 2020.


However there is strong opposition to the plan from some councillors along with port and taxi bosses due to the potential negative effect this could have on their businesses and the overall economy. Large charges may take trade away from the city, having a huge impact on the docks and even affect local jobs.


Councillors who are unhappy with the plans are asking: is it really necessary? Especially as pollution levels are already falling without such drastic measures. They also argue that this idea is being rushed through without proper consideration so are calling for a consultation to delay the plans.


Follow this link to read the full article:

Southern Daily Echo - Fury over plan to charge lorries up to £100 a day

Posted in News by Admin on 27/06/2018

Change of name from the Southampton Hackney Association to the Southampton Hackney and Private Hire Association

The Southampton Hackney Association (SHA) was established in 2001 and for the last 17 years, we have promoted and tried to provide for the benefit of the Southampton hackney carriage trade matters of a common interest, which includes consultation and the formulation of policies with Southampton City Council licensing department.  Sometimes we have achieved success other times it has been an uphill struggle.  But thanks to the different SHA committee members throughout the 17 years, we are of the opinion that we have done our very best!?

Times have changed and so has the trade.  Two of us including myself, are now also members of the GMB Taxi and Private Hire Branch.  Another member of our committee is also a member of the Southampton Unite Union.

On the 31st May 2018, we held a committee meeting and important decisions were made.  Do we cease operating as a taxi association and close down, or do we re-brand ourselves as the Southampton Hackney and Private Hire Association?  We have chosen to continue and to support our members as required, however we will not speak on behalf of companies.

Two out of our six committee members have now become private hire owners and drivers for a local company that has been trading for over sixty years.  One of them being myself (Ian Hall)  We shall continue consultation meetings with the council and other trade representatives.  The next meeting planned is June 6th 2018, and at this meeting one of the topics we are raising is alternative fuels for the Southampton trade, this is a matter of common interest that effects both hackney and private hire.  Any important matters concerning the docks or predominantly to do with the hackney carriage trade, we will now leave to our committee members who are taxi proprietors/drivers.

The informative blogs we post on the website will be about the trade in general and our association, whereas before we used to post just the Southampton hackney carriage trade. 

Some of you might feel aggrieved by our decision and should you be determined to take over the running of the association, you will have to attend meetings with SCC in your own time, cover the day to day financial running and generally be on call when needed.

We trust you agree with the committee's decision relating to the future of this association and unless challenged, we will slightly change some of the clauses in the constitution of the association.


Ian Hall on behalf of the Committee and the new Association.

Posted in News by Admin on 05/06/2018

Use a Hackney Carriage Taxi to Explore the City

With so much to do and see in Southampton - it can be hard to fit it all in! Whether you're visiting for the day, a week or are a local wanting to enjoy some of the great attractions the city has to offer - it's definitely worth some research and planning.

Southampton has a huge range of restaurants, bars and shops throughout the city with 150 shops in Westquay shopping centre alone! Other indoor activities include the relatively new ten pin bowling and cinema at Westquay or the Mayflower Theatre which attracts a range of West End shows.

If it is something more cultural you are after why not try the SeaCity Museum, Solent Sky Museum or Tudor House and Garden to learn about Southampton's history? You can even walk the old Town Walls.

On a nice day, the city offers a range of parks where you can sit back and relax in the sunshine as well as the 365 acre Southampton Common. Or if you fancy exploring on the sea -  find out about one of the many boat trips available from Ocean Village or Town Quay.

If you have a jam-packed schedule planned, save precious time by travelling between locations by taxi. It's easy to spot white Southampton Hackney taxis around the city - you can hail from the roadside or find us at one of the many taxi ranks.

Posted in News by Admin on 11/05/2018

Important Message from Southampton City Council Licensing Office

Please be aware we have received the following message from the Southampton City Council Licensing Office:

County Lines is the term used by various agencies to describe criminal drug activity where young and vulnerable people are being exploited by being used to transport and sell illegal drugs. The poster below provides information to drivers on what to look out for and how to report their suspicions anonymously.

If you would like a copy of the poster in order to pass on to other drivers or to print out to display somewhere drivers are likely to see them, you can find it here:

County Lines Posters for Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Staff

Posted in News by Admin on 20/04/2018

Law Commissions' Report on the Taxi and Private Hire Trade

It would appear that the amount of time and money spent on the 2014 Law Commissions' Report on the taxi and private hire trade and their recommendations to the government have been a complete waste of time.

We will now wait to hear from the Task and Finish Group which was set up by the then Minister for State, Mr John Hayes, in September 2017, to find out what the government plan to do.

We have all unfortunately seen the effect that Uber has had in the UK when it comes to cross-border hiring. Although this has been in operation for a long time, Uber have monopolised this thorny subject, whereby you could be licensed by one authority yet work in another licensing area.

Our hopes are that national standards for driving licences will be introduced and more power will be given to local licensing authorities.

Posted in News by Admin on 20/04/2018

Hail a White Hackney Carriage This Bank Holiday!

With two bank holiday on their way, many of us will be taking the opportunity for a night out or two! With such a range of restaurants, bars and leisure activities in Southampton city centre the Easter bank holiday weekend is the perfect time to enjoy yourself with friends and families.

When it comes to the end of the evening, why not get a taxi back? Unlike a private hire vehicle which you have to book, you can hail a white hackney carriage taxi from the roadside or pick one up from one of the city's taxi ranks, meaning there's no need to plan a certain time to leave or stand around waiting for a cab. Simply enjoy your night out and then head to your nearest taxi rank for a safe and easy ride home!

Take a look here for a list of taxi ranks locations in Southampton.

Posted in News by Admin on 29/03/2018

SHA attend Unmet Demand Survey Meeting

This week, on 21st March 2018, the Southampton Hackney Association attended a meeting about the Unmet Demand Survey at the Civic Centre, Southampton.

Southampton City Council, as licensing authority for hackney carriages in the city, are legally required to carry out this independent survey at least every three years in order to maintain a limit on the number of licences they issue. This comes under the 1985 Transport Act and the 2010 Equality Act. It has now been three years since the last survey was undertaken by Vector Transport Consultancy in the Spring of 2015 who have now become LVSA (Licensed Vehilce Surveys and Assessment).

This weekend, CCTV camera will be placed strategically on taxi ranks in order to count the number of trips taxis make with customers so that a weekly estimate of the volumes can be acquired.

In addition to this, Southampton City Council Licensing Department will be sending out questionnaires to the hackney trade and relevant stakeholders for us to answer and return completed to their office.



Posted in News by Admin on 22/03/2018

How to Recognise a Southampton Hackney Carriage Taxi...

Hackney Carriage Taxis are different to private hire cars, mini-cabs or Uber drivers because we are the only type of taxi insured to transport those who hail us from the roadside. Private hire drivers are not allowed to pick people up unless they have a booking. In order to make this clear to taxi users in Southampton, private hire vehicles can be any colour except for white and do not have a taxi sign on the roof.

Ensure you are safe when hailing a taxi by looking out for a:

  • White vehicle
  • Taxi sign on the roof
  • Red Hackney Carriage licence plate on the back


Hackney Carriage Taxi drivers are licensed, regulated and CRB checked by Southampton City Council and nearly all have CCTV installed for your security. For a safe ride home in Southampton, hail a white Hackney Carriage Taxi.


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Contacts for Taxi Meter, CCTV and Roof Sign Fitting

If you are looking for someone reliable and professional to fit a meter, CCTV, dashcam or roof sign to your taxi, here are three of the best in the business recommended by Southampton Hackney Association:

Adam Collins - (07723) 566 246

If you want taxi meters or CCTV fitted to your vehicles contact Adam Collins who is the agent for Pagentry Cameras and Cygnus Meters. Adam also does dashcams and is an agent for Viking Meters out of the Southampton area.

Les Slater - (07760) 363 294

Les Slater is another agent for Viking Meters, mainly in Southampton and is additionally an agent for Verifeye Cameras. He also installs roof signs. 

Wayne Shorney - (07802) 586 186

Last but not least, Wayne is an agent for Pagentry Camera and Digitax Taxi Meters. Like Adam and Les, he can also fit and even supply dashcams, parking sensors and more.

Posted in Members by Admin on 14/02/2018

Take a White Hackney Carriage Taxi for an Extra Special Treat this Valentine's

February is soon on its way which means it's not long until Valentine's Day. With so many great restaurants to choose from in Southampton, it's the perfect place to take your loved one out for a meal. Why not try one of these Tripadvisor top rated restaurants in the city?

Max's Bar and Brasserie 

The number one rated restaurant out of 722 in Southampton, this authentic family-run italian is conveniently located in Oxford Street, just a couple of minutes walk away from the taxi rank at Terminus Terrace for an easy ride home. Max's Bar and Brasserie are offering a three course Valentine's Day Meal with the added bonus of a glass of bubbly.

Bayleaf Kitchen

Another top ten rated restaurant, Bayleaf Kitchen offer indian cuisine in a contemporary setting. Their special Valentine's Day meal includes poppadoms and chutney, three courses and a glass of champagne on arrival. The restaurant is located in Southampton High Street just three minutes walk up the road from the taxi rank located outside A Plan insurance.

The Jetty

If you're looking to push the boat out, The Jetty restaurant at Southampton Harbour Hotel at Ocean Village have a selection of Valentine's Day options to suit different tastes and budgets. They are offering a Valentine's Day Dinner menu, Valentine's Day Tasting menu and a Valentine's Day Mini Gastro menu.

With just a couple of weeks to go, hurry up and book your romantic Valentine's Day meal and why not make it an extra special treat with a taxi home? Find a white Hackney Carriage taxi at a taxi rank or simply hail from the roadside!

Posted in News by Admin on 30/01/2018

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