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Clean Air Update from Southampton City Council

Following the Clean Air Zone public consultation, Southampton City Council have promised '...a leap forward and bold new actions to tackling air pollution..'

Their latest clean air update included details of their proposal which would enable the city to comply to EU limit value for nitrogen dioxide by 2020 without the need for a charging zone.

Work on reducing nitrogen dioxide pollution over the last 3 years which include introducing cleaner city buses, cleaner fuels being used at the port and heavy investment in the cycling infrastructure have already reduced pollution by 24% in the most polluted areas and further measures proposed regarding the port, HGVs buses and taxis hope to increase this figure further.

Proposed measures aimed at taxis include; expanding the current low emission taxi scheme to support more operators, revising taxi licensing conditions to remove the most polluting vehicles and offering a 3 month 'try before you buy' scheme for electric taxis.

You can read the full clean air update from Southampton City Council here.


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