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Urgent Electricity Works - Western Esplanade - Next Three Weeks

Southampton City Council Highway Department are keeping us in the picture with regards to urgent electricity works (Oil filled HV cable is leaking) taking place on Western Esplanade which began Tuesday night and are expected to last around 3 weeks. The works are to take place 24 hours a day. The Highway Department have forwarded the following information about the way these works will affect traffic in this area:

  • All 3 lanes (including slip road) heading West will be closed from 20 metres prior to the signals
  • Westbound traffic will be moved on to the opposite side of the road around the traffic island and then filtered back on to the correct side of the road – This will allow vehicles to make the left turn on to Western Esplanade towards National Express or continue straight on the A3024 towards Millbrook (the left turn has been tracked and has been confirmed that it is feasible for buses and HGV’s)
  • Currently the Eastbound and Westbound traffic runs at the same but during this period the signals will be separated in to 2 phases due to the Westbound traffic being on the wrong side of the road.

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