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News - July 2019

SHPHA Welcome Electric Blue to Our Partners Page

We welcome Electric Blue to Our Partners page of the website!

Southampton City Council is committed to improving your environment and making it a cleaner place to work and live. Electric Blue are hoping that with their interaction with the hackney carriage and private hire trade they can achieve what Southampton council are looking for.

As a licensed Southampton hackney carriage or private hire driver, you are invited to take part in a FREE vehicle assessment in Southampton which Electric Blue are hoping to start shortly. This assessment would identify how much you could save on your running costs which includes fuel and servicing by switching to electric.

For anyone who wishes to take part in this FREE trial please contact us on info@southamptontaxis.org

Find out more about Electric Blue on their website here.

Posted in News by Admin on 26/07/2019

Support UTAG to Secure the Future of our Trade

United Trade Action Group (UTAG) describe themselves as: 'A united Taxi Driver and Stakeholder group with the common aim of securing the future of our trade through legal action.' The group, run by two London black cab drivers - Trevor Merralls and Angela Clarkson, have enlisted the help of fellow London cab drivers on certain important issues including Uber, Transport for London (TfL) and other aspects of the London cab trade.

Although a relatively new movement, UTAG are gaining support day by day from other areas in the UK. As chair of the SHPHA I would support them wholeheartedly and would ask drivers to look at their website and perhaps donate, as little as £5 per week, to their cause, bearing in mind that what happens in London usually affects the rest of the country.

Find out more about UTAG by visiting their website here.

Posted in News by Admin on 26/07/2019

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