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News - June 2021

Clean Air Policy News

The Southampton Hackney Private Hire Association were pleased to read from the Clean Air Policy Newsletter that......

Portsmouth City Council are now live on the vehicle check services.

You can check www.gov.uk/clean-air-zones if you will need to pay a daily charge to drive in Portsmouth’s Clean Air Zone.



Who will be affected?

Portsmouth’s Clean Air Zone is a Class B. This means that if you are driving a non-compliant bus, coach, taxi, private hire vehicle or a heavy goods vehicle you will need to pay a daily charge to drive in the zone.

When will I need to pay?

Charging will begin in Portsmouth in late 2021


Further Information

You can find local information and updates on Portsmouth’s Clean Air Zone here. Details on exemptions available here and financial support to upgrade your vehicle can be found here.


Bath and Birmingham

To check and pay a charge for driving in either Bath or Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone please visit www.gov.uk/clean-air-zones.


Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester published their Clean Air Plan on 21 June, the announcement can be read here. Further local updates can be found here

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Historic Southampton

Slowly but surely Southampton is getting back on its feet. Our lovely historical City with the biggest cruise terminal in Northern Europe.  Support the taxi and private hire trade. 


Posted in News by Admin on 18/06/2021

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