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News - June 2020

Does the Taxi and Private Hire Trade Face Extinction?

The BBC have recently published a video featuring interviews with taxi drivers in Northern Ireland who share their concerns for the trade due to huge changes resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Drivers comment on the amount of extra equipment they now require including masks, gloves, hand sanitisers and even screens. Many are finding the extra costs combined with the reduction in work due to the closure of pubs and clubs makes it barely profitable. You can view the video the BBC news website here:


As one of the drivers stated it could mean the extinction of the taxi trade and also the private hire trade, considering the word is generically used for both licences. I have noticed in the last two weeks in Southampton more taxis are sitting on taxi ranks, hoping for a job but making little or no money. Although Southampton City Council licensing department have extended the vehicle age limit for hackney carriages and private hires among other things to help our trade, we are also facing troubled times.


Posted in News by Admin on 19/06/2020

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